Custom Sabers

    Are you looking for that One-Of-A-Kind lightsaber that no one has in the universe? We make those sabers come to life. Blue Force Sabers has been making unique and cool sabers since 2015. We love to mix different universes and bring Star Wars and lightsabers together into one beautiful piece of art. 

    How are they made? Designed and 3D printed or casted in solid aluminum and steel. They are amazingly durable and ready to take on any friend or foe. All of our sabers come empty or installed with movie quality electronics and blades with tons of sounds and effects, so you get the complete experience. 

    Tons of designs to choose from that are all individually hand made. We have the perfect lightsaber for everyone. 

    That's not all!

    Need even more customization...have a saber idea in mind that you've always wanted? We can make those come to life as well. Send us an email at to get your adventure started.