Greetings once more, and thank you for joining us!

    In 2015, I embarked on a personal lightsaber journey, driven by the desire to explore the limitless boundaries of imagination and craft something extraordinary from spare parts I had at my disposal. After extensive research and a touch of luck, I finally created a lightsaber that truly stood out as a unique and special creation. Over the years, I dedicated myself to honing my lightsaber-building skills, aspiring to not only craft exceptional sabers for myself but also share this passion with others.

    The joy of crafting these remarkable sabers and witnessing the excitement and appreciation of those who owned them was immensely rewarding. However, it's essential to recognize that the creation of custom lightsabers is a time-intensive process, which inherently limits my ability to reach a broader audience within our cherished lightsaber community.

    Now, with Blue Force Sabers and our new partner, LGT Saber Studio, standing together, we aim to illuminate the world with even more exceptional lightsabers, enriching our unique and vibrant community further.


    Come join the adventure!