Hello once again and welcome!


    In 2015 I started out on my own saber adventure. To explore the possibilities of imagination and what could be made with just some spare parts laying around. After lots and lots of research and some luck, I finally made a saber that was truly something unique and special. Over the years I worked very hard to make my saber building skills even stronger. During that time, I wanted to use these skills to make cool sabers for others as well. It brought so much joy to me to be able to make these amazing sabers, and to see people’s excitement and reactions to owning something really special. However, custom sabers take many, many hours to design and make which limits my reach into this special lightsaber community. With Blue Force Sabers and our new partner LGT Saber Studio side by side, we can bring even more saber light to the world and make our special community even better.


    Come join the adventure!