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    Instructional Guides & Help

    1. RGBW Eco Soundboard Guide
    2. Blue Force Saber XenoPixel Instructional Guide
    3. XenoPixel v2 Soundboard Guide - UPDATED
    4. XenoPixel v3 User Guide


    Current Information and files for NEW XenoPixel v3 Soundboard 

    1. Bug fix to allow more than 38 fonts.

    Download Here (paste the update.bin file into the settings folder. Then remove the battery and reinsert it to apply the update.)

    2. For all the font makers out there Xeno v3 allows many more sound files to be incorporated into the font list. 


    • -begindrag (1).wav
    • -beginlock (1).wav
    • -beginmelt (1).wav
    • -blaster (1).wav
    • -clash (1).wav
    • -drag (1).wav
    • -enddrag (1).wav
    • -endlock (1).wav
    • -endmelt (1).wav
    • -font (1).wav
    • -force (1).wav
    • -hum (1).wav
    • -in (1).wav
    • -lock (1).wav
    • -melt (1).wav
    • -out (1).wav
    • -spin (1).wav
    • -stab (1).wav
    • -swing (1).wav
    • -swingh (1).wav
    • -swingl (1).wav
    • -track (1).wav
    • -lightningblock (1).wav
    • -preon (1).wav
    • -postoff (1).wav
    • -prein (1).wav
    • -sideout (1).wav
    • -beginlightingblock (1).wav
    • -endlightingblock (1).wav


    Current Firmware and Config files for XenoPixel v2 Soundboard (see guide for updating instructions.)

    1. Download Firmware and Config DD02 HERE

    2. Download Firmware and Config DD07 HERE

    3. Download Firmware DD07 Bug Fix HERE

    4. Download Firmware and Config DD08 HERE


    Latest Updates

    This new download addresses a bug issue in the Rainbow blade and adds a few important files for future updates.

    Please update to DD07 first, then update to DD08.



    Q – My saber will not turn on or charge.

    A – When you first receive your saber, please charge for at least 6 – 8 hours to ensure battery is fully charged.


    Q - Yes, I charged the saber and it still does not turn on.

    A – Follow the below steps:

    1. Unscrew the hilt grip and inspect the battery. Does it make good contact with the battery contacts in the electronics?
    2. Remove the battery by tapping the hilt against your hand to "knock" the battery out (do not use implements to pry it out as you risk damaging the battery, electronics or yourself).
    3. Gently bend the battery contacts outwards so they are less flat inside the chassis.
    4. Reinstall the battery, paying attention to the polarity (+ and - are marked on both the battery and the chassis).
    5. Attempt to charge again.

    If these steps do not work, please contact us at here.


    Q - Saber has no sound?

    A – Saber may be in mute mode. Turn off the saber, then hold the button for 0.5 seconds to change sound volume.


    Q - Saber loses either red, blue or green color, does not light up at all, or has no swing or clash sounds?

    A - Charge the battery for one hour, as this is likely a low battery issue. Removing and reinstalling the battery may fix it if the issue is not related to charge.


    Q - When charging, saber cues 'charging' then immediately indicated 'ready'?

    A - The battery is not making contact properly with the plates inside. See above steps to fix.


    Q – My speaker is having a lot of static sounds?

    A – There is not enough voltage getting to your soundboard. Charge the battery to fix. More of a common issue with neopixel sabers.