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    The Dark King Lightsaber

    After the demise of the Witch King, his armor was peeled from his corpse and forged with the power of the One Ring to make dark sabers of destruction. Take his place and rule the realms of Middle Earth with the might of the Dark King Saber!


    After the success of our aluminum casted Survivor Saber. We, at Blue Force Sabers, wanted to expand our metal saber line with another amazing lightsaber design in our collection. This saber will be constructed in the same fashion of the Survivor Saber and will be battle ready and highly detailed. See all the amazing details below.

    Saber Construction

    The Dark King Saber is constructed of 5 solid metal parts. The core is custom made and sized to fit this saber. The 3 outer pieces, the Emitter, Switch, and Pommel are casted out of solid A356 aluminum to capture all the unique and awesome details. The One Ring is casted from stainless steel. They easily slide over the core and are locked into place by 5 retention screws.


    Saber Size

    This saber will be a BEAST! Coming in at approximately 457.2 mm long and 73 mm wide. The Dark King will make you feel powerful and worthy to be a King!



    Powering up the saber is the all-in-one XenoPixel chassis. It is as easy as sliding the chassis into the saber, locking it down, inserting the 36 inch Neopixel blade, and using our custom magnetic switch to power it all up! 


    XenoPixel Tech

    The XenoPixel Core comes with 34 preinstalled fonts and has:

    * Ultra Realistic Smoothswing

    * Power On & Off, Blaster Fx, Clash, Swing, Drag, Force Fx, Lockup, Track Music and more.

    * Motion Control - Ignition & Retraction

    * Deep Sleep Mode

    * Type C USB Charging 

    * Start Up Blade Effects

    * Removable High Amp Battery

    * Neopixel Connector with LEDs installed in core for non-blade illumination.

    * Easy Font updates and future firmwares.


    Three saber options will be offered:

    1. Empty Hilt - No electronics, weathering or leather wrap.

    2. Installed and Non Weathered Hilt - Battle Ready when received with all electronics, soundfonts and blade styles, just no weathering done to the hilt. 

    2. Installed and Weathered - Battle Ready when received with all electronics, soundfonts and blade styles. All the custom battle weathering completed.


    Weathering Process - to create the most realistic looking weathering. We use a chemical enhanced process to create this ultra cool look.


    The weathered and non weathered Dark King Saber will be ready for battle when received. You will get all of the following: 

    * Neopixel Saber with XenoPixel Soundboard and 36" Blade - Includes Custom Sauron Sound Font.

    * Complete Saber Parts - Saber Core, Emitter, Switch, Pommel and One Ring. (Battle Ready!)

    * 5 - 8-32 Retention Screws. 

    * Black, Authentic Leather Wrap from DefconBird. 

    * Xenopixel Soundboard with Smoothswing and Full RGB Support - Choose Any Blade Color You Desire. 

    * Power core chassis will have RGB illumination. Powered by 3 RGB LED's you can illuminate any custom blade plug and enjoy your saber, even with no blade installed.

    * Neopixel Blade - 36" long, 1" Diameter. 

    * Custom Magnetic Switch with Hidden Switch Setup - unique design, by Blue Force Sabers, for full removability of chassis. 

    * 18650, High Amp, Rechargeable Battery. 

    * 24mm, Bass Speaker. * 34 total sound fonts, preinstalled with blade profiles..

    Wield the Dark King Saber and Rule the Galaxy!


    * Each saber is unique and individually made and casted out of aluminum. Saber received will be slightly different than pictures.

    Find even more awesome sound fonts on our Etsy Store.

     ** Production Time - Each saber is individually made so production time is approximately 4-5 weeks from the time the order is placed. **


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